Marshal Papworth: the power of transformative facilitation.


East of England Agricultural Society Winter Stock Show, Dec 2018. Pic T.L.Magwiroto

Taruvinga Magwiroto

a farming man or woman from anywhere else in the world, a visit to the East of
England evokes an answering chord of unspoken camaraderie. Farmers the world
over share with the fine women and men of the East of England these qualities: solidity;
common sense; industry; unparalleled hospitality and capacity and desire to
learn from others.

Papworth was one such farmer who was a member of the East of England
Agricultural Society. In his life, he had visited Africa and other parts of the
developing world and saw the hunger and poverty in Africa. But beyond the
hunger, he also saw potential and opportunity for solving those problems. Upon
his death, he bequeathed a sizable part of his estate to the establishment of
the Marshal Papworth Scholarship, of which I am a…

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